Praying the Rosary 101

The Rosary is a deeply cherished prayer, and is probably the most popular devotion in the Catholic Church.   This devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is intended for everyone, no matter their situation, or vocation in life.   Whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, religious or laity, all can benefit from the grace offered through the recitation of this prayer.

How to Start:

The Rosary can be characterized as a prayer of  peace, with its comforting repetitiveness, and meditation, and the intimate relationship with Scripture and the life of Christ that it draws us towards.   You can read about the history of the rosary here:  History of the Rosary.  If you are new to the rosary and would like to get  started, please visit our How to Pray the Rosary and Mysteries of the Rosary pages for a step by step guide to praying the rosary

Share the rosary with others:

Let your friends know that you pray the rosary and encourage them to do the same.  One way is to display one of our “I pray the rosary” banners on your blog.  The banner links back to this page to help someone unfamiliar with the rosary learn about the devotion.  Just copy the code onto your blog or website to let others know that you pray the rosary.  And watch for other blogs with “I pray the rosary” banners…you are not alone.

I pray the rosary!
I pray the rosary!
I pray the rosary!

Other Resources:

For more resources, please visit these pages:

12 thoughts on “Praying the Rosary 101

  1. I can’t get the two vertical buttons to work. I’m copy and pasting them and they turn up blank. I noticed there is a space in front of the html code, I deleted it but still getting a blank. Could you help me out because I love the buttons! THanks, ERika

  2. i live on a very tight budget since i rely completely on social security. i was wondering if you or some other associated organization could send me a pamphlet with all the mysteries to enhance my rosary experience.
    i would be most grateful.
    jim avants

  3. I would like to subscribe but I get alot of gibberish so please let me know How to subscribe to this. Thanks and God Bless

  4. We think your mission is a most important one and I am blessed to contribute to its promotion.
    Much success and God bless you! – M. Lorange

  5. You have to insert the code onto your blog or website in HTML mode. You are inserting the code into a visual editor, and the editor is trying to just display the code.

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